ACM Group’s Ayumi Sato on Marketing, Aquariums, and More

ACM Group’s Ayumi Sato on Marketing, Aquariums, and More

Known for the countless contributions made to the promotion of Asian-Australian art, music, culture, restaurants, social events and other interactive cultural phenomenon over the course of a brilliant career, Ayumi Sato and ACM Group or, Asian Australian Cultural Management Group, have become synonymous with innovative, groundbreaking ideas and concepts. Drawing on her many years of industry experience, Ms. Sato has found that it is possible to explain many of her most effective core philosophies through the use of imagery that perfectly illustrates the rationale behind the efficacy of each one.


One of the examples most frequently cited by Ms. Ayumi actually exists in a convenient location in the offices of ACM Group. The office aquarium — a saltwater tank featuring living corals, brightly colored fish, snails, and more — is often referenced whenever Ms. Sato finds it necessary to explain how collaborative relationships are at the core of any successful strategy.


Citing the delicate ecosystem of her office’s saltwater aquarium, Ms. Sato explains that it is her organization’s ability to maintain strong, symbiotic relationships with Australians, Asians and Asian Australians that ensure a successful outcome following the development and execution of any social and cultural activities. As Ms. Sato often points out, the diverse inhabitants of the office’s saltwater aquarium work in concert and rely on one another to contribute something positive to the tank as a whole, much in the same way that ACM Group relies on its exceptional and longstanding professional relationships to ensure positive outcomes.

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