Andrew Charlton Reviews Business Opportunities Created by Environmental and Social Innovation

Andrew Charlton Reviews Business Opportunities Created by Environmental and Social Innovation

The demand for green energy and sustainable business principles was steadily on the rise even before the sustainable energy and sustainable building industries successfully removed many of the capital cost barriers associated with the widespread implementation of sustainable business practices. Now that the renewable energy and sustainable building industries have succeeded in this regard, it is only natural to recognize the sharp increase in business opportunities available to entrepreneurs all over the world. Andrew Charlton recently reviewed how those opportunities might be specifically applied to the Australian economy as well as the business community at large.

Noting that there are already a number of platforms available to entrepreneurs seeking to incorporate sustainable business principles into their own business endeavors, Charlton explained that it is entirely likely for like-minded communities to form with the goal of educating fellow entrepreneurs regarding the various strategies and opportunities that are currently available. The formation of these kinds of business communities should prove to be quite essential in reducing the learning curve and ensuring that businesses adopting a sustainable business model are able to immediately thrive.

Through knowledge sharing, several Australian businesses have already taken steps to make this concept a reality. Courting “changemakers, investors and social entrepreneurs,” communities like the one created by Sustainable Brands seek to provide all of the information necessary for a sustainable business model to succeed. It is also the goal of this particular community to leverage their combined strength to ensure their success, as the success of the businesses that make up the community is critical to ensuring the success of the sustainable business model as a whole.

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