Andrew Charlton: The Economic Benefits of Using Solar Power

Andrew Charlton: The Economic Benefits of Using Solar Power

For decades past, many people who had not embraced the solar power industry viewed it as distant idea that could only be touched by the rich, but with advancement in technology have come new and better inventions that have redefined the place of solar energy in our society. Most of the technology that is based on solar power production is seen as driven by the need to provide an environment friendly source of energy, but this is not the only way solar energy could be viewed. Embracing solar energy comes with several benefits that you could find more convenient than going for traditional options.

Money saving technology

Solar power gives you the capacity to enjoy constant flow of power at zero cost after installation. For example, the average household in America is able to save between $20,000 and $60,000 across two decades if solar power is put to use. Utility companies charge a lot of money for power and this is a cost you could eliminate by just having a stable installation that connects your household throughout at zero cost.

Once you have paid for the initial installation, you don’t need to fork out more on maintenance since most solar power systems are made to work for many years before you can think about spending on maintenance. This cost saving benefit has also attracted corporates looking to drive costs of operation down. Such include Walmart, which is notorious for cost-cutting measures. The company says their investment in solar power could be saving them up to $1 billion in energy costs every year.

Job creation

While there seems to be a downward trend in the job availability, solar power is adding more jobs to the market. The growth in the demand for solar power plants and equipment has seen more people get opportunities to work. The industry grew more than 20% between 2013 and 2014, which is the fastest rate of growth in the entire job market in the U.S. With more people employed in the solar power industry, local economies are boosted and this is something that cumulatively contributes to giving higher purchasing power parity to the people of the U.S.

Health and the future

One of the strongest arguments passed by experts like Andrew Charlton in support of solar power is that it leads to a clean environment that is free from contaminants. Being free of emissions means there are no harmful gases released to the atmosphere, something that in the long run promises protection against some of the diseases that arise due to the inhalation of contaminated air. Consistent use of fossil fuels leads to the release of harmful gases to the atmosphere, something that has contributed to the greenhouse effect across the world.

Additionally, homes that have solar power installed get a value bump and could fetch higher prices in the property market. Many people will view a solar power installation as an efficient and effective source of energy, and this drives prices of homes up and makes it easier for sellers to get buyers.

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