How to Put AI To Work for Your Small Business in 2018

How to Put AI To Work for Your Small Business in 2018

David Lubbat
It is undeniable at Artificial Intelligence technologies have gained a strong presence in improving business systems. Whether it’s through marketing, data analysis, and forming online presence through web development, this new technical assistance has found ways to permeate the industry and create solutions for owners and clients alike.

If you are small business owner hoping to grow your business through new methods, the inclusion of tech-powered systems is the way to go. Here are some benefits of incorporating artificial intelligence into your small business:

1. Decreasing costs for manpower
Some tasks which can be fully automated through artificial intelligence can help decrease the need to hire people, and consequently reduce the costs of operating your business.

2. Having a reliable “worker”
According to David Lubbat, a known web developer, technology has allowed 100% reliability and efficiency. Incorporating an AI system in your business means that you have a worker that doesn’t sleep and doesn’t need to take a break.

3. Increased accuracy
Data entry and analysis tasks made by humans are not immune from errors. However, when exact algorithms are applied, you can create a system that is as error-free as possible thereby enhancing positive results for your business.

The benefits are innumerable, and the possibilities are endless. The question now is not whether or not you need to incorporate this technology into your small business because the obvious answer is yes. The question to be answered is how to put this technology to work for your small business in 2018.

How to Put AI To Work for Your Small Business in 2018

1. Automating business processes

If you are selling a product online, whether physical or digital, you may need a person to read the order form, look for available stocks, input delivery address and send an invoice. However, through the help of the new technology, you can completely automate these business processes with more accuracy. This also helps you to be productive on a global scale, as the technology has 24/7 reliability unless technical problems arise.

2. Improving customer service

Another way to leverage the power of this new technology is using it in the area of customer support. According to David Lubbat, more and more companies are shifting their gears towards tech-powered customer support. Since the advent of voice and facial recognition, it has become possible to create a system of customer service that has an automated set of solutions for a wide variety of problems.

3. Effective marketing strategy

Another facet of web development in a small business is the importance of an effective marketing strategy. With the use of this machine-powered technology, small business owners can also automate the scheduling and production of new content on their blogs and social media sites. This same technology also includes, but is not limited to auto-responding to comments and inquiries, curating related content, and improving engagement through scheduled posts.

4. Information technology

For any small business to grow, recording and interpreting quantitative and qualitative data are important. This helps owners to discover trends, which strategies work and don’t work, and what is suggested modifications through the data received. By incorporating software where we can input these results, we can interpret information and deduce strategies through the help of this new technology.

5. Supply chain management

Another concern for small business owners selling a physical product is keeping track of the items across the supply chain. However, through the help of certain web development strategies, we can reduce the manpower needed to manage the supply chain by completely automating the process. These include shipment tracking, real-time updating of inventories, and distribution data. The tech-powered system can also show this information to the buyers which further improves customer satisfaction.

6. Manufacturing

The use of this technology is also highly applicable in the manufacturing sector of small businesses. An innovative owner may have a product in mind which cannot be efficiently produced by human effort. In order to make it possible, the owner might rely on technological advances such as 3-d printers, conveyer belt machines and other useful tech-powered devices to help in the production. Owners can design a product through a software and provide raw materials, and a 3-d printer or any related device can help them create the product with no additional costs for labor. These tools can help a small business owner scale the production depending on the demand per each item.

There are many other areas of small business growth where AI can be truly helpful. It can help your business be cost-effective, efficient, and provide maximum profits to help you in the long run. Web developer David Lubbatbelieves that the future of business is geared towards the use of this new technology, and it is just getting better.

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