Marlon Kobacker Is an Expert on Green Living

Marlon Kobacker Is an Expert on Green Living

Marlon Kobacker has made his name as a sustainability design expert, so it comes as no surprise that he’s the co-founder of the new company, Sustainable Future Group. Mr. Kobacker is currently a Principal for Clean Energy Corporation Australia (CECA) and is an internationally-recognized expert in sustainable design who is known for his relentless drive and commitment to innovation.  

The industry surrounding sustainable design is always in flux, due to differences in technology. Kobacker has a comprehensive view of the subject, due to his educational and professional background. He is a noted speaker who has lectured in front of diverse worldwide audiences.  


From Academia to the Private Sector 

After his distinguished career in Academia, Marlon Kobacker became a consultant to leading firms that are implementing massive structural design changes. With clean energy become a more pressing concern everywhere in the country, Kobacker is in demand. His new project taps into his expertise in the financing of clean energy projects, as Sustainable Future Group is in talks to bring major solar projects to life.  

As a leading thought leader in Australia on the subject of green living, Kobacker continues to work on establishing his vision of a cleaner, greener country. 


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