Marlon Kobacker: What to Know About Solar Powered Homes

Marlon Kobacker: What to Know About Solar Powered Homes

A few years ago, solar powered homes were not common. However, in the recent past, several factors among them the worries of the global climate change have contributed to these new developments. Solar energy is freely available, and if it is used in the generation of electricity, it not only produces clean energy but also leads to a reduction in electricity bills.

Before installation of solar panels in your home, it is important to know where to start. It is important to know how solar panels work. Solar panels can be defined as photovoltaic (PV) cells that harness sunlight, change it into energy that is converted to electricity by an inverter for use at home.

The process of solar panel installation involves complex activities such as the installation of extra wiring and panel, which are best done by professionals. Always ensure the person installing your system offers a warranty, he doesn’t outsource the work, is licensed by the relevant authorities, has no major complaints, and has contacts with customers he lastly served.

Several factors have led to the reduction of the solar panels compared to a decade ago. A combination of tax credits, incentives, and subsidies have contributed to this reduction. This intervention by the government has led to a rise in the number of people using solar panels.

One has the option of leasing or buying the system. Solar leases are preferred to the high up-front costs associated with purchasing one. In addition, customers enjoy repairing and maintenance that is provided by the leasing companies. A permanent installation is good in that increases the value of your property as the new owners will be safe from the installing process.

The process of wiring and installation does not take a lot of time. The most important condition for this system to work properly to ensure the solar panels are put in a place they can receive direct sunlight. Trees and tall buildings may affect the amount of sun that reaches the solar panels. The amount of time a solar panel is exposed to sunlight affects the amount of electricity it generates.

Insolation is a term used to define the amount of sun radiation that touches the ground. It also affects the efficiency of a solar panel. Insolation determines the number of panels that you need in your home and the amount of electricity needed.

To know the size of the system that you need, multiply the number of kilowatts in a day by 0.25. It is important to know that the number of panels required depends on the output per panel, insolation, and the number of hours the panels are exposed to the sun per day.

Marlon Kobacker, a sustainability management professional, has advised many companies and organizations in different parts of the world. He has made presentations at international green building meetings around the world. He has been using his knowledge to enhance positive global change by use of renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources.

He says Clean Energy Corporation Australia was driven by the high cost that hindered the growth of the clean energy industry. He says he is happy to see that people are adopting changes critical in ensuring the viability in days to come.

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