Marlon Kobacker

Marlon Kobacker

Marlon_KobackerSustainable Future Group Director Marlon Kobacker has been at the forefront of innovation within the field of sustainable design and clean energy for over 13 years now, which is why the sustainability advisory expert is so frequently called upon to lend his insight and creativity to an endless array of projects being undertaken all over the globe. Marlon also serves as a sustainability advisor for EarthRights International and Clean Energy Corporation of Australia (CECA), working with the latter as a principal for the sustainability advisory team.

In each of his current roles featuring diverse responsibilities concerning sustainable design and clean energy, Marlon is able to rely on his extensive industry and academic experience in order to deliver to the consistently exceptional results he has developed a reputation for providing to clients. This previous experience includes professional roles with international firms responsible for large-scale projects, including sustainability advisory positions with Arup, Cundall, Aecom, Transurban and Edge Environment.

Marlon has overseen the design and implementation of sustainability and clean energy practices across all sectors, and it is this diversity of practical experience that has made him one of the most frequently requested speakers at international sustainable design and clean energy conferences. Focusing on cost-effective sustainable design, Marlon has been featured at 10 different international conferences and recently served as a presenter in Singapore, speaking at the Vertical Cities Conference on the subject of “Delivering Better Returns Through Whole of Life Financial Analysis.”

A graduate of the University of New South Wales, Marlon’s status as an innovative force within the field of sustainable design and clean energy should have been readily apparent to any keen observer among his professors or peers at the school. After becoming the first student to complete the inaugural undergraduate degree program in photovoltaic engineering, Marlon earned a master’s degree in sustainable design and developed a new academic course offering — Solar Architectural Technologies — which he taught for two years before taking on a consulting role within the sustainable design and clean energy industry.

Marlon’s industry contributions actually go further than his professional and academic efforts, as the sustainable design expert has frequently published articles and books on a variety of relevant subjects throughout the entirety of his more than 13 years of experience in the field. Often sharing his expertise through articles published in professional journals, Marlon recently expanded his efforts to include a full-length book — Removing the Capital Cost Barrier to Sustainable Building Design — while continuing to advocate for the widespread implementation of low-carbon initiatives through the utilization of sensible programs and practical design.