Things to Eat For Breakfast That Can Increase Your Productivity

Things to Eat For Breakfast That Can Increase Your Productivity

When the day begins with a breakfast full of vitamins, protein, and minerals, productivity is boosted, the appetite is satisfied and balanced, and the mood is better during the day. A nutritious, delicious breakfast is essential for energy that lasts, mental sharpness, motivation and physical ability that will not fade as the day passes.

Toast and a Topping

Gourmet toasts such as whole grains and fiber-rich are easy and quick to prepare, and help increases energy levels. The body digests fiber slowly so it helps prevent a crash halfway through the day, maintains blood sugars and increases productivity. A good combination is a slice of toast topped with a lean protein such as smoked salmon, chicken, turkey or egg. Adding a healthy fat such as a drizzle of olive oil or avocado makes the perfect breakfast high in protein.

Hot Water and Citrus

Prior to eating breakfast, a hot cup of water with citrus slices such as orange, lemon or lime promotes alkalinity and energy. The citrus will help the body prepare for the day, balance stiff, sore muscles and hormone levels. It additionally helps cleanse the body. For more information on the benefits of delicious citrus, please visit Simfresh.


Eggs yolks contain choline, an established booster for brain health. Eggs are a tasty breakfast and a good source of protein. The energy the body receives from eggs will increase productivity, keep the memory extremely sharp, and last throughout the day. Individuals who consume eggs regularly have shown a decrease in memory loss with age, a lower risk of dementia and strokes, and have better cognition.


Oily fish like salmon is full of omega 3 fatty acids, and these will make an individual feel full, provide necessary protein and improve the mood. Seafood is high in oils that boost the intake of fatty acids, and provide lasting energy. Using salsa or Dijon mustard as a topping adds spice to breakfast, and topping a slice of bread with fish, eggs, and vegetables is a delicious, high power breakfast.

Additional Omega 3 Fats

There are numerous excellent sources of fatty acids besides fish including leafy greens, walnuts, chia seeds and hemp seeds. People with depressive symptoms including mood disorders, attention deficits, and anxiety disorders generally have too low of a level of omega 3’s in their tissues and blood. Having a banana with a few walnuts, or including these ingredients in a smoothie is beneficial for the body and energy levels.


Watermelon provides hydration necessary for the body in the morning. For individuals who exercise in the morning, watermelon aids the body in recovery, and help relieve any muscle strain to provide a happier and more productive day. Watermelon is high in the amino acids L-citrulline and L-arginine which promote joint relief, blood vessel health, and rebalance the electrolytes after a good workout. Ginger, beets and tart cherries paired with protein also make a good breakfast after a workout.


Although most people do not think of beans when making breakfast, they are excellent in quinoa bowls, egg dishes, and savory meals. Beans have a high antioxidant count similar to vegetables and fruits. They are additionally filled with zinc, iron, and protein which provides a long lasting energy boost. Beans are good for the health of the brain and taste great in sandwiches, eggs, and veggie patties.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a hearty filling breakfast and can be enjoyed either sweet or savory. One cup of cottage cheese contains 25g of protein and 18%DV of calcium. When paired with berries, it will provide energy immediately due to the carbohydrates, and the brain is sharpened by the antioxidants. For more details regarding healthy fruits including citrus, please visit Simfresh.


Although all berries are beneficial for the body, blueberries have been shown to boost cognitive function and memory retention, and lower the risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Blueberries additionally have a lot of fiber which sustains the appetite and energy levels. When eaten for breakfast with Greek yogurt, gut promoting bacteria, protein, and probiotics are added. This will reduce inflammation, make the body more productive and the person happier. Blueberries and oatmeal add fiber to provide a feeling of fullness and prevent mood swings and cravings during the day.

The Vegetables

Many people do not include vegetables with breakfast, but they add iron, vitamins, nutrients, and calcium to the diet. They can be added to an omelet, included in a smoothie, or baked right into a quinoa cake. Spinach is excellent as a source of zinc, iron, protein, vitamin B, and magnesium, and will provide a boost to increase the sharpness of the mind. A nutritious breakfast is important to provide the body with the fuel necessary to maintain energy levels throughout the day.

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